Tuesday’s Children 2016 Events

Events: April – September 2016

The Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund has supported Tuesday’s Children for many years.  Like us, Tuesday’s Children was formed in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks.  Tuesday’s Children is a response and recovery organization that supports youth, families and communities impacted by terrorism and traumatic loss.

Event: Take Our Children to Work Day

Date: April 28 & 29

Location: New York, Boston, and Jacksonville, FL

In partnership with a diverse group of organizations, Tuesday’s Children’s Take Our Children to Work Day program offers a unique opportunity to participate in a valuable workplace experience that allows youth ages 8-18, to envision their future through a practical, hands-on work day at a venue of their choosing.

Event: New Jersey Marathon and Half Marathon

Date: May 1

Location: Ocean Grove, New Jersey

Join Team Tuesday’s for the New Jersey Marathon and Half Marathon overlooking the Jersey Shore! 

Event: Spring Project Heart to Heart

Date: June 9

Location: New York

Project Heart to Heart is a three-day program for Widows from September 11th and Widows from military operations. This program offers the opportunity to heal and grow, and share their stories using the evidence-based life skills program Creative Insight as a foundation for the activities.

Event: Project COMMON BOND

Date: July 24

Location: Bryn Mawr College

Tuesday’s Children’s international program, Project COMMON BOND, unites teenagers from around the world who share a common bond—the loss of a family member due to an act of terrorism, violent extremism, or war. 

Event: 15th Annual Roots of Resilience Gala

Date: September 9; 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Location: The Pierre, NYC

The annual Roots of Resilience Gala is a memorable evening celebrating very special supporters of Tuesday’s Children.