The Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund was formed in the immediate aftermath of the devastating events of 9/11. We are a family-led, not-for-profit fund, headed up by our President Edie Lutnick and Allison Lutnick, Director of Disaster Relief Operations. To date, we are proud to have distributed approximately $300 million in disaster relief to those in need around the world.

  • $1 million

    Seeded in 2001 by Howard W. Lutnick

  • 100%

    Of September 11th revenues donated to charity

  • ~$300 million

    Total raised and distributed by the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund

A message from Edie Lutnick, President of the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund

“In times of trauma and tragedy, we as a people rally together. The hardest hit always astonish me with their fortitude. Our donors, and people who care about those less fortunate, always rise to the challenge of supporting others. This is resilience. And resilience is what the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund is all about.

Whether it was creating community and rebuilding our lives after 9/11; or the aid we rendered after Hurricanes Sandy, Harvey and Maria and the tornadoes in Oklahoma; or now with the COVID-19 virus, we rely on the strength, commitment and generosity of those around us to be able to continue our important mission.

Our family learned after 9/11 that the best way to assist other families with dignity and grace is to give them direct financial aid. We also learned that while having children is a great joy, in the face of a tragedy, it is an added responsibility. That is why the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund focuses its resources on families with young children that are financially struggling – families who are now facing a fresh trauma.

The Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund is working with school districts to ensure that low-income families with elementary-aged children receive direct financial aid to help them through these difficult times.

The COVID-19 virus is impacting these communities especially hard. These are the men and women who are delivering groceries and working in warehouses and supermarkets while their young children are home from school. These are the men and women who no longer have jobs to go to because of this virus.

It continues to be my honor and privilege to be the President of the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund as we focus our care and energy on assisting these communities. These are the families with your generosity we will help.

It is often in trying times, when everybody is afraid, that our best selves emerge. In times of crisis, if you can find a mission larger than yourself, it not only helps you heal – you can also make spectacular things happen. This is resilience in action. Please help us to help others. Thank you for being a part of our community as we support those in need. ”

–Edie Lutnick, President of The Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund, and author of An Unbroken Bond