Charity Day makes a very somber day uplifting by coming together to help others.

On September 11, 2001, 658 Cantor Fitzgerald and 61 Eurobrokers friends and colleagues perished in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.

Each and every September 11, we create a positive legacy for our loved ones by bringing together and redoubling our efforts. And this year, due to COVID-19, we are raising the money virtually.

On this special day, we invite our friends from the worlds of sports, entertainment, politics and business to join us on the trading floor. Cantor Fitzgerald and our affiliates, BGC Group and GFI Group, donate 100% of the day’s global revenues to the Cantor Fitzgerald Disaster Relief Fund. The fund then distributes this money to over 150 charities. We lift lives by direct financial aid and assistance to hundreds of charities around the world.

You can join us by donating here.

Why it matters

From NBA stars to former Presidents, Oscar winners to supermodels, we have welcomed hundreds of celebrity volunteers into our offices to raise money and transform loss into hope. Learn more about why they believe in Charity Day.

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“Charity Day is something which is unadulterated good. Everyone who comes in there, whatever walk of life they are, whether they are a politician or a sports star, you feel you’re doing something worthwhile because you’re raising money for good charities and there are thousands and thousands of people that are going to benefit from the work that you’ve done.”

Tony Blair, Former UK Prime Minister

“Charity Day is about turning a tragic situation into a positive. I think that’s what we do as Americans, that’s what we do as New Yorkers when tragedy strikes, we find a way to be positive and what Cantor Fitzgerald does here today is such an important thing.”

Jim Leyritz, Former MLB Player, NY Yankees

“To me, giving back means that you have been blessed, you have to do something to help those that need it. So on 9/11, people always remember a great tragedy and they redeem their losses by making it a day of hope for others.”

President Bill Clinton, 42nd President of the United States