Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund

Three pairs of hands cupped together, holding a heart made of polished stone

We are all asking "HOW CAN I HELP" as we watch the devastation to Ukraine and its citizens. Every day, men, women, and children are being displaced. Their homes, businesses, communities, and lives are being destroyed. Ordinary people are turned into refugees overnight.

At the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund, we know that when you provide help you bring about healing, but you also create hope.

The Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund is fundraising for the Ukrainian people impacted by this conflict. Through our 9/11 Charity Day, we have assisted several charities, including CORE, All Hands and Hearts, and Palm of Hope, that are currently on the ground in Poland and surrounding areas assisting Ukrainian refugees.

100% of every dollar donated to The Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund will be given to charities providing direct assistance to the Ukrainian people. Please join us in fundraising to support those living under the conflict. Our hearts and prayers are with the Ukrainian people.