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  • Who is BGC Group?

    BGC Group is a pioneering global brokerage and financial technology company servicing the financial markets, delivering world-class products to our diverse customer base on a daily basis. Our Financial Services business provides a full range of trade execution and broker-dealer services.

    What is Charity Day?

    Charity Day is held every year on 11 September, or the closest working day to it, in memory of the 658 colleagues lost in the World Trade Centre attacks in 2001. It is a day on which we commemorate those no longer with us by raising funds for charitable works worldwide.

    How do we raise money?

    All BGC Group revenues worldwide on Charity Day are donated to selected charities, as are all broker commissions for the day.

    How does the day work in the UK?

    We invite charities and their celebrity ambassadors into the BGC London office to visit the trading floor and take part in trades by speaking to clients over the phone. All trades are led by our brokers and all celebrity ambassadors will always be chaperoned. Each celebrity represents their own charity, so it is a fantastic opportunity for celebrities to raise money for a cause close to their own heart.
    The event receives substantial media interest. Dave Bennett and Getty photograph the event and last year’s fundraiser was covered in The Telegraph, The Times, Evening Standard, Hello!, Sky News, The Independent plus many more titles.
  • What is expected of the celebrity ambassador?

    We request that each celebrity ambassador:
    - spends 1-2 hours with us
    - speaks on the phone with clients and takes part in trades (guided every step of the way by our brokers)
    - takes part in interviews with selected media - this is always about the charity & charity day (optional)
    - takes part in internal interviews (please see our Charity Day videos for examples)
    - uses their own social media platforms to promote the Charity they are supporting as well as BGC Charity Day in the run up to and on the day itself by posting, following and sharing content via their on social media platforms

    What about the non-celebrity attendees?

    BGC Charity Day is a fun day, we invite each charity to attend on the day for approximately 2-3 hours with 1-2 representatives from your charity. We also encourage charities with young beneficiaries to invite 2-3 families to join us for a very special day to remember.

    How are the donations calculated?

    The Charity Day donations are allocated to participating charities after the event and once the total amount raised by Charity Day is known. Many factors are taken into account from the annual revenue of the charity to the way in which the charity and their celebrity ambassadors engage with the day. It is BGC’s aim to distribute the Charity Day donations within 12 months of each Charity Day.



  • If you are a non-profit charitable organization and wish to be considered
    to participate in BGC Charity Day in London on Wednesday,
    September 11, 2024
    please complete this application and return it by Thursday, June 20, 2024.

  • For more information:
    Please visit Charity Day - BGC Group