I Have Never Heard of You

Did you know that 86% of all charitable giving goes to only 1% of non-profit organizations?  Without a large marketing budget, the majority of non-profits have a hard time sharing their great work and success.Edie Lutnick and the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund are trying to change the way you give on a new website called IHAVENEVERHEARDOFYOU.com.

Every few weeks, the website highlights a deserving not-for-profit that is making a difference in your community. IHAVENEVERHEARDOFYOU will help spread the word about the notable work these charities are doing and give you a chance to discover a worthy cause in your community.

Through awareness, we can help great organizations achieve important missions.  Together, let’s turn the phrase “I have never heard of you” into a positive forum for discussion, support, and most importantly, change.