How can I volunteer?

The Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund is always looking for volunteers who would like to work with the fund to provide assistance. If you would like to join our team of volunteers please contact the Relief Fund at 212-829-4770 or email

Supporting our Children

The Cantor Fitzgerald Felief Fund assists 955 children who lost at least one parent on Sept.11th 2001. If you are looking to make a donation specifically to the children please contact the Relief Fund at 1-212-829-4770

How Your Children Can Help

Children from around the country have been reaching out to the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund by raising donations in their schools and organizations. They have organized and taken part in various fundraising events including Penny drives, selling/making pins, fundraising walks, and selling baked goods and lemonade. Also, they have made pictures and crafts to be sold on ebay to benefit the Relief Fund. For more information on how children can help the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund please contact us at 212-829-4770.